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My name is Manjeet Ahuja and after doing the comprehensive research on Food Supplements, so now I’ve come up to the best food supplements products that can help you to stay healthy as much as possible, here I’ll recommend you the products and its pros and cons of food supplements.

Let’s move to the topic directly,

Currently, there are millions of people who don’t get proper, clean and hygienic food and as a result that their life expectancy ratio is decreasing day by day, The reason for that is nowadays farmers are used to injecting some harmful substances or chemicals in the human foods to make it over-ripened and to shorten it’s growing period so that they can make thousands instead of hundreds. So, my answer is YES supplements are in fact good, nowadays it has become necessary to consume food supplements to last our life expectancy ratio i.e. to live more.

We should consume food supplements but they should be made well known and certified manufacturer and the ingredients should be exotic in terms of their quality. Here, in India there are a lot of corrupted people, so now you might be thinking that what’s the connection between corruption and food supplements, Right? Then, lemme tell you sir that here people can buy the food organization’s certificate, yes you heard right, here they buy certificates instead of earning them. And these certificates help us to choose the right food for us.

In foreign countries which are developed completely there, they don’t do like these activities because they guys are really strict and so conscious about their population that they don’t play with their lives. Now, some people will think that I’m talking shit for my country but instead of blaming me, you should probably accept the reality and that’s the reality.

So, here I would suggest you consume the authorized lab-tested supplements. Now, the question arises is that how to identify the perfect supplements for you and that’s obvious you can identify them by checking the labels of authorized organizations on that particular product because the company who did the lab test and all must have mentioned the things in his package. The well-known supplements testing organizations are NSF, USP, Consumer Lab. Those organizations are famous world-wide and also authorized by WHO i.e. World Health Organization.

Now, let’s GAIN some knowledge on types of food supplements:

Well, there thousands of supplements offered by various companies in the world and also it’s not possible to mention them all here so here we’ll pour out just the tumbler of great and famous products in the world.

  • Fish oil is the most prominent product in the WORLD.
  • It offers OMEGA 3 and Vitamin D in the complex structure.
  • Basically, it’s the oil that is extracted from the liver of fish.
  • Don’t worry it is extracted without harming the fishes in the sea at all.
  • Best companies which offer the best and good products are ON, Healthkart, INLife.
  • Don’t worry, I’ll mention my recommendation down, you can from that.
Advantages of Fish Oil:
  • Omega 3 i.e. fish oil tablets have fatty acids that help in proper functioning organs such as the brain, heart, and other blood vessels.
  • The consumption of omega 3 in Indian food is in a very small amount so the Indian Council of Medical research has always been focusing on more omega 3 consumption by adding fish oil or ultra omega in the diet.
  • Fish oil has good fats and they play a very significant role in the human body and those fats cannot be produced by the body on its own.
DisAdvantages of Fish Oil:


  • High blood sugar
  • Swelling
  • Diarrhea
  • Lower the blood pressure
  • Loose motion
  • Strokes
Dosage of Fish Oil:
  • You can probably consume fish oil gummy tablets once a day in the morning or twice a day but no more than that.

Recommended Products:

  • Basically, multi-vitamins are in the tablet form.
  • They’re the powerhouse of vitamins.
  • A person can consume who is in vitamin deficit or wants to stay in surplus.
  • These tablets are not just vitamins as its name says they’re the group of organic and complex forms of vitamins.
  • Multi-Vitamin tablets are made out of vegetables and fruits.
  • It’s completely organic and natural, it doesn’t include various chemical compounds.
  • A person who avoids eating various significant vegetables can have those tablets.
  • The companies which I’d like to recommend are Muscletech, Healthkart, INLife, Amway.
Advantages of MultiVitamins:
  • It can fulfill the vitamin deficiency in a person’s food.
  • It improves your mental and bodies health too.
  • It fulfills the vitamin in the non-vitamin-eaters such as children because these are just tasteless tablets.
  • It helps you to digest the food easily.
DisAdvantages of MultiVitamins:
  • Excessive vitamin consumption leads to toxicity.
  • It can be bad up to some level.
Dosage of MultiVitamins:
  • Consume tablets in the post-workout or you can consume it in the morning in the pre-breakfast meal but no twice a day.

Recommended Products:

  • COENZYME Q1 is the non-protein substance that controls the enzyme of a body.
  • COENZYME Q1 is anti-oxidant energy.
  • Age by age it gets reduced significantly, so to fulfill that amount you’ll need to have COENZYME Q10 however the body also produces but age by age that ability keeps on reducing.
  • Deficiency of COENZYME Q10 can lead to cancer, thyroid, thyroid cancer because the enzymes of that disease are controlled by this nutrient.
  • Usually, the research depicts that various medications reduce this nutrient, for instance, when people have lower cholesterol then they consume statin which depletes the COENZYMES Q10 as well.
  • So, it’s necessary to consume COENZYME Q10.
Advantages of CoEnzyme Q10:
  • Improves brain functioning.
  • Secures the lungs.
  • Reduces headaches.
  • Increases exercise performance.
  • Protects it from UV rays i.e. it will make your skin fresh.
  • It Can be used in the treatment of heart failure.
DisAdvantages of CoEnzyme Q10:
  • The body doesn’t store it in your body.
  • As it has some compound fats so it’s hard to digest it.
Dosage of CoEnzyme Q10:
  • Now, the amount of mg’s you can consume in a day is between 100-210 / per day, no matter how many tablets you consume a day. Read the macros of medicine you’ll get to know the proportion of milligram in tablets, this you could probably guess out your dosage on your own. But before taking that you should ask someone like chemist or doctor because everyone has a different body and different need.

Recommended Products:

  • VITAMIN D is known as “SUNSHINE VITAMIN” for the body, Yes! The Sunshine Vitamin.
  • Vitamin D is the aid of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, colds, u, tuberculosis, and more, and as a result.
  • Doctors gradually offer to consume vitamin D supplements.
  • Its the same as fish oil but those are veg they can consume the veg vitamin D’s.
Advantages of Vitamin D:
  • It makes your bones and teeth stronger.
  • It can be used by diabetic patients because it helps to reduce the levels of it slowly.
  • Aids immune, brain and nervous systems to work properly.
  • It can help to influence cancer development in a human’s genes
  • Low risk of flu.
DisAdvantages of Vitamin D:
  • Diarrhea
  • Kidney failure
  • Bone loss
  • Stomach pain
  • Increases the bone’s calcium levels
Dosage of Vitamin D:
  • Vitamin D’s in a tablet and in a syrup i.e. in liquid form. So, the you take either of them in post-workout or at the night so the tablet can work properly in a day.

Recommended Products:

There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset.

Arlen Specter


I know there are many food supplements that I haven’t mention them here because if I did so then the article would’ve been lengthy instead. So I’ll them all later in upcoming blogs.







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