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To select the right gym just go through the checklist given down below:

  1. Goal
  2. Programs
  3. Diet


“You’ll have to find your way on your own”

Okay! So first you’ll need to set the goal, Lemme explain you it in more detail i.e. are you underweight? or overweight? or wanna have just a healthy life? whatever your goal will be you’ll need to work out in a consistent manner because it is time taking activity but it’s upon you that how much you take the time and how intensive you’ll work out in the gym.

If you’re underweight then you’ll need to gain weight as much as possible even though your goal is to stay just healthy because you cannot get towards it until you scare by seeing your skeletal WALA body in mirror, so first you’ll need to intake some healthy and cholesterol-free fat so that it doesn’t affect your body badly because if you eat unhealthy fat then your ratio will go towards DANGER(because it causes heart attack, etc.) instead of your actual goal. Hence, you’ll need to eat allot i.e. on an average underweight guy needs to intake 3300 calories/per day.

Now if you’re overweight then your goal should to lose the weight first and then when you’ll be standing up on the notch at that situation if you do intense workout then it can give you 6 – Pack Abs, Pretty Cool hhh! Yes, you heard me right you can get abs but it will have some pre-requisites i.e. motivation, commitments, no hurdles, etc.

At last, if you want to get just a healthy life then its pre-requisites are given above i.e. if you’re underweight then you’ll need to gain quite a bit and if you’re overweight then you’ll need to lose your tummy. And then you should do regular exercise so that you can stay healthy.


“Now or never, your choice”

Here, you must be thinking that what kinda program I’m talking about right?! Then lemme clarify that what is the program? Whenever someone fixes up your schedule according to your goal and when you repeat that schedule several times in terms of accomplishing your goal then that particular schedule will be your program. It will vary according to your goal such as gaining program, 5×5 gaining program, Mashup program, caloride program, etc… There are “n” number of programs in the market, thus you should choose the right program for your goal. And guys really you have the most amazing key to your goal i.e. INTERNET, you really don’t need to buy a personal trainer. You can get guidance from the internet or from people like me.


Food is an important part of a balanced diet

Now, the main and hot favorite misconception WALA topic comes. There are a lot of illiterate zombies are walking around and making the people deaf and dumb tho. Ohk! Wait, allow me to inject the real thing in y’all mind. Here in the field of fitness, everything is done in a careful manner and in the proper ratio. More specifically, the well know and dumbest myth is that the diet is not that important in order to achieve your goals or some of the zombies think that its 70-30 ratio i.e. 70% exercise and 30% diet but your majesty sir, you’re on the wrong track.

In order to accomplish your goal its 40-60 ratio i.e. 40% exercise and 60% diet, Yessssssss! YOU HEARD ME CORRECT. In this area, it’s more of a diet rather than thinking just of following the correct exercise. Here, by this second y’all will need to end up eating bad and junk food or what do you say pani puri, street food(LAARI FOOD). Because these foods damage your body very much. It will blur up your goal instead of making an exquisite portrait of yourself. So you’ll need to commit to yourself(ANDAR KE RAVAN KO) for staying away from these creepy foods IF YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE SOMETHING.

THANK GOD YOU WENT THROUGH THE CHECKLIST. Now you’ve gained enough knowledge and ABHI lets high jump to do some practical activity.

Currently, beyond this point we’ll go through the checklist of the gym:

  1. Search and make a list of the gyms around you

The best option, searching for a gym is to GOOGLING “GYMS AROUND ME” or “FITNESS CENTER’S AROUND ME”, it will popup the names along with the directions, ratings, reviews, everything….. While selecting the gym, reviews and ratings play an important role because they’re written by experienced people who are already there or already went there, in short, they’ll share their experience at that particular place. Thus, by this, you can figure out the place and all.

2. Visit the gyms according to your list

Enough for the virtual tour, now its time to take a walk-in experience to the center. After making and figuring out the list you will take walk-in first-time experience and take a glance at the gym.

3. Verifying the types of equipment according to your program

After visiting the gym physically you will verify the equipment of the gym by yourself. Permit me to give some knowledge, if your program is to lose the weight then the gym should have more cardio equipment, so that you could burn fat rapidly if you’re in bodybuilding program then gym should have more weight lifting equipments however fatty people should select a gym which has both the types of equipment because it after losing the fat you’ll need to transfer the muscle-building so for that your gym should have weight lifting types of equipment, at last, if you want to be just healthy then your gym should consist basic gym equipment.

4. Selecting the gym according to your convenience i.e. budget, place and all

Choose the gym as per your convenience whichever gym you like take a step ahead and pay the fees but be careful while selecting it because you should take a trial of the respected gym so that you’ll get to know what that particular gym offers you or whether that gym meets your requirements or not.

5. Last but not least

Pay the fees and start your gym sessions.

Just stay consistent and work hard because it will pull out the exquisite version of yourself

-Manjeet Ahuja

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