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Folks, how are you all? Great? I know again I’m dropping the article after ages but due to some circumstances nowadays I stay super busy and thats the reason for the same. Anyways again we’re going to talk on food supplements, yes, last time I told you guys that are “N” number of food supplements. So, I decided to talk on that topic once more, Now without wasting a sec, Let’s start the blog……

Kon’nichiwa(こんにちは) Hello in Japanese,

My name is Manjeet Ahuja and I know you must be thinking that who the hell I am to teach and recommend you guys, right? Well, I am a certified fitness trainer and going to be a yoga instructor too. I’ve consumed many types of food supplements in my life. But you won’t need to consume all of them because I’ll recommend only the good ones.

Enough introduction lets shift to the topic,

At the moment, there are millions of people who don’t get proper, clean and hygienic food and as a consequence, their life expectancy percentage is falling day by day, which is why farmers are now used to inject some damaging substances or chemicals into human foods to make it over-mature and shorten the increasing period so that they can create thousands instead of hundreds, yeah, I mean the money. So, my response is that YES supplements are actually great, nowadays food supplements have become essential to last our life expectancy ratio, i.e. to live more.

We should eat food supplements, but they should be made well known and licensed by the supplier and the ingredients should be exotic in terms of their quality. There are a lot of corrupt individuals here in India, so now you might think what’s the link between corruption and food supplements is, right? We should eat food supplements, but they should be rendered well known and licensed by the supplier and the products should be exotic in terms of their value.

But, they don’t do like these activities in foreign countries that are fully developed there because they guys are so strict about their population that they don’t perform with their life. Now, some individuals are going to believe I’m speaking shit for my nation, but instead of blaming me, you likely should acknowledge the truth and that’s the truth.

I would, therefore, suggest that you eat the approved laboratory-tested supplements here. Now, the issue occurs is how to define the ideal substitutes for you and it’s evident that you can recognize them by inspecting the tags of approved organizations on that specific item because the firm that took the lab experiment and everything must have stated the stuff in its set. The well-known supplements testing organizations are NSF, USP, Consumer Lab. Those organizations are famous world-wide and also authorized by WHO i.e. World Health Organization.

Below given are the examples, So kindly keep fasten your seat belts because you’re going to have the freakiest tour of knowledge.


The BCAA i.e. BranChed Amino Acids, A combination of 3 kinds of acids i.e. L-Leucine, L-ISOLEUCINE, L-VALINE. Now, you might be thinking that what’s the use of this product? Our body needs 20 types of amino acids to recover the protein synthesis in muscle, here, whenever you workout then some protein blocks break downs in certain kinds of amino acids and those amino acids move through the body to recover and protect other protein syntheses. There are approx 9 kinds of nonessential amino acids and are important but our body doesn’t produce them in our body. So, we’ll need to consume them externally.

Advantages of BCAA:
  1. Energizes you and yourselfBCAA contains aminos which not only energizes the muscle fiber but in fact it repairs the muscle, so, as a result, it reduces the fatigue in your body.
  2. Reduces the pain of body – As we know when we begin the new schedule of workout then later that day we fill extreme pain, yes, correct we can reduce it.
  3. Say NO to injury – The reason behind injury is it occurs when the muscle goes into a state of failure and why that happens because when the tissue’s of muscles then it needs to be repaired immediately and if we don’t repair it immediately then it goes into a failure state.
  4. Kicks up your muscle growth – Along with repairing the muscle it also helps to grow the muscle because the aminos help them to grow.
Disadvantages of BCAA:
  1. Significant decrease in vitamin B – At one point, aminos are acid and acid kills out the extra or significant vitamin B which is already present in the body of a human.
  2. Reduces the sleep – As I said it energizes you then it keeps you awake till late night if you consume it at eve or night. However, some brands also contain caffeine or caffeine anhydrous
Dosage for BCAA:
  • It can be taken in INTRA-WORKOUT or PRE-WORKOUT but I advise you not to consume in PORT-WORKOUT.
Our Recommendation’s:
“Supplements have always been a really big part of my training regimen”

Creatine is an organic compound. Usually, it is used for muscle development. It is mainly found in the muscles but also in the brain. It also occurs in foods like red meat and seafood. In the laboratory, Creatine may also be made. Basically, it is found in vertebrates, here it recycles ATP i.e. Adenosine TriPhosphate which plays major role in developing the muscles.

Advantages of Creatine:
  • It helps you to re-wind the muscle loss.
  • Boosts up your athletic performance.
  • Improves your muscle strength.
  • Speeds up muscle growth.
Disadvantages of Creatine:
  • Dehydration
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Be cautious while taking it i.e. you shouldn’t have kidney or liver problems
Dosage for Creatine:
  • Majorly, It is said that it should be consumed in intra but I suggest you consume it post-workout.
Our Recommendation’s:
3. Beta-Alanine
“Beautiful structure of Beta-Alanine”
  • Beta-Alanine is the non-essential amino acid. As it’s non-essential so it’s obvious that we’ll need to consume it externally. Beta-Alanine plays important role in replenishing the Carnosine. A compound that aids muscle endurance in high-intensity exercise.
  • Here’s how it works. Muscles are fleshy. Higher carnosine levels can allow the muscles to work for longer periods prior to tiredness. Carnosine helps regulate the deposition of acid in the muscles, the main reason for the exhaustion in the muscles.
Advantages of Beta-Alanine:
  • It drops the oxidative stresses.
  • Carnosine raises nitric oxide construction, So as a result, it protects the aging procedure.
  • It can improve your heart health.
Disadvantages of Beta-Alanine:
  • It leads to an effect called “Paraesthesia” i.e. usually it is called “A TINGLING EFFECT ON SKIN”, Don’t worry its not a major issue, but though it’s quite uncomfortable.
Dosage for Beta-Alanine:
  • It can be consumed in pre-workout or intra-workout.
Our Recommendations:
4. Caffeine
“Natural is the best”
  • Caffeine consumption attacks directly to the main nervous system. It is a stimulant of the methylxanthine class. In simple words, its a drug. Whenever you feel fatigued then your brain’s receptors are seeking adenosine which makes you sleepy and lazy too, and then the role of caffeine comes i.e. Caffeine receptors eradicates the adenosine from brain. Then what happens is that the brain produces more receptors in order to place adenosine in the brain because before that time what has happened is the receptors are filled up with caffeine, So eventually the brain will need to place adenosine at someplace. Now, the person will drink some more caffeine in order to lose laziness and sleepiness too, again he’ll have a cup of coffee or raw caffeine. This way the cycle keeps on going. But at one point our situation will be far worse. Hence, this is the reason that people get addicted to caffeine or black coffee and tea…..
  • But though it should be take in proper proportion to avoid side-effects or addiction.
  • That is in a day, a person can consume 400Mg/per day.
Advantages of Caffeine:
  • It can increase endurance and strength.
  • It helps your brain function properly.
  • It improves metabolic structure.
  • Protects the liver.
Disadvantages of Caffeine:
Our Recommendation:

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-Manjeet Ahuja

Certified Fitness Trainer

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