Hello folks, hope you all are  doing great!


I got motivated to get into health and fitness around 3 years ago. It’s been my passion ever since and I moved on to body building, the reason behind being I was too skinny during my higher secondary academics, so I decided to be as bulky as possible. And hence the journey began. Intensive and hard workouts led me closer to my goal and let me tell you that it’s not easy to gain weight instantly, it needs a lot of hard work. I hustled for many years, I did every possible thing to get a bulky physique however, sometimes I did the wrong things or I just gave up. But my brain was still pushing me to go beyond the limits and I decided to go with my brain and y’all can see the results now. I am gaining and maintaining my physique in order to gain the bulk required to later shift to shredding. I’ve done many bodybuilding programs and consumed multiple supplements to achieve my goals, but they have their pros and cons and sometimes, my mistakes threw me off road. Seriously speaking, it’s not easy to achieve fitness goals. You can see my transformation, shown in the image below:

What inspired me…

I was a very skinny kid. One day, a friend of mine started hitting the gym in his free time. His increased energy and muscular stature  was exciting to watch and on the other hand, I was constantly low, drowsy and ennerved those days. So, I joined the gym along with him. My journey begins, and with every passing day I hustled so much that my gymbuddies called me a maniac.

Day after day, month after another, and with years passing, I managed my body to make it bulkier and healthier. I am approaching a healthy lifestyle. My friends and the mirror, yes, the MIRROR. Looking in the mirror I realized that this isn’t the man I wanted to be. As they say, “It’s the choices that make us who I am”, Manjeet Ahuja (myself) came to point where it was absolutely necessary to bring about that massive change in his routine, So I started working out daily.

Atlast, the results you see proves my point.

Do contact me for any types of suggestions. I want to help as many as I could.