‘A Complete Protein’:

  • Although having enough protein in your diet is vital, it’s also essential to ensure that you get the right form of protein.
  • Science class fast refresher: Protein consists of 22 amino acids; 13 of these amino acids are formed by the human body. We must get the other nine amino acids (called ‘essential amino acids’) from the foods we consume for good health. It is considered a “full protein” when a food contains all nine of these amino acids.

Examples of Complete Protein:

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  • Animal proteins, including meat , poultry , fish, eggs and dairy, are all full. A few plant-based sources of complete protein also exist, including:
  1. Soybeans
  2. Blue-green algae
  3. Hempseed
  4. Buckwheat
  5. Quinoa
  • Note: such sources do not contain as much protein as animal products per serving.
  • “Don’t get hung up on every single meal about needing to have a full protein,” says a certified and registered dietitian. “Instead, for your entire day, strive for variety.”

How to make incomplete protein a ‘Complete Protein’?

  • You can blend incomplete, plant-based proteins to satisfy the needs of your body if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, or if you limit the amount of animal products you eat. Includes combinations:
    1. Nuts or seeds with entire grains (nutty spread on entire wheat toast)
    2. Entire grains with (beans and rice; hummus and pita bread; bean-based stew and saltines; refried beans and tortillas)
    3. Beans with nuts or seeds (serving of mixed greens with chickpeas and sunflower seeds)
  • “You don’t need to eat those in each and every supper and not even in your entire day,” says Our leading expert. “Yet, it’s a smart thought to get an assortment.”
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